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The Advertising Currency (TAC) is an effort to eliminate corporate advertising corruption that currently exists in both online and offline advertising and marketing though an opensource distributed advertising Platform called OSMP, through blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and through corporate contractual advertising purchases to obtain mass advertising that will be redistributed to the public at large that may be utilized or resold to others.


TAC Tokens are a series of 10 different tokens each created for use within the industry of marketing and advertising.

The tokens include:
teTAC for traffic exchange marketing,
vmTAC for viral mailers and email campains,
socTAC for social advertising,
banTAC for banner advertising and text advertising,
vidTAC for video advertising,
artTAC for article marketing,
radTAC for radio advertising,
magTAC for magazine advertising,
tvTAC for television advertising,
outTAC for outdoor advertising

All TAC Tokens will hold a value of $1. 

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Questions & Answers

Are these ERC Tokens?

No, all TAC Tokens are created on the WAVES platform.

What payment methods will you accept for TAC Tokens?

Payment options for TAC Tokens include BTC, CPS, and WAVES.

When will TAC be listed on an exchange

As all TAC Tokens are created on the Waves Platform, they will instantly be available for trade on the Waves Decentralized Exchange.